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Five day kidney resting diet

DAY - 1


  • Breakfast – Either three oranges or two grapefruits, or apples, or one of each, if you wish; but use no sugar.

  • Lunch: Combination salad, cooked vegetables, and a slice of hard toast (whole wheat).

  • Supper -  two tomatoes, fresh. Some celery, dish of cooked tomatoes, either canned or fresh. (Tomatoes are great kidney cleanser)

Note – No salt on vegetables, stewed celery is all right.

DAY - 2



  • Breakfast – Stewed prunes without sugar. Soak them over night and let them cook over slow fire. Use ordinary dried prunes, unsulpfured, all yo want. In the middle of the morning, about 10 o clock, drink a glass of water, hot or cold, in which has been placed a teaspoon full of psylla seed, or flax seed.

  • Lunch – a salad and two cooked vegetables, a combination salad of any raw vegetables you want. For example: Lettuce, tomatoes, green onions and carrots. One slice of toast, whole wheat. At 3 o’clock repeat the seed and water as the morning.

  • Supper – Head lettuce, two cooked vegetables, slice hard toast, and about thirty minutes after, follow with seeds and water.

Note – Broccoli is a fine vegetable. Cook in small pan without water for twenty minutes, take it off and put olive oil or butter on it and then put it in the oven for a short time.

DAY - 3

  • Breakfast- Stewed prunes. At 10 o’clock take the seeds as before, except use two teaspoonfuls.

  • Lunch – Combination vegetable salad, dish of cooked spinach. At 3’oclock take the seed as for the morning. (Cook spinach 8 mins only)

  • Supper - An apple and a handful of raisin, and 5 minutes later eat a large dish of raw cabbage and celery cut up together. Another dish of spinach and dish of stewed tomatoes. No toast, no sugar.

DAY - 4

  • Breakfast- nothing. At 10’o clock, 3 spoonfuls of seed in water.

  • Lunch- one cooked vegetable and about six to eight dates. Seed at 3o’clock, same as morning.

  • Supper- Raw cabbage, two cooked vegetables, few more dates.

DAY - 5

  • Breakfast- Nothing

  • Lunch- combination salad, dish of spinach as much as you want.

  • Supper- begin with grapefruit, apple or fruit cocktail. Have the fruit 5 minutes before meal. Then dish of celery. Cabbage, tomatoes cut up together; add a little onion if you wish. Add lemon juice to salad if you desire. Three cooked vegetables, baked potatoes, any kind of cooked vegetable you want, two sliced of toast. Dates, pecans and honey for dessert.

Note- Use the seed and water twice a day for a week.

Now the kidneys have been rested, flushed and cleaned. For the next thirty to sixty days live on a low protein diet, eat only “low protein foods”, as you will build up and then a natural diet can be followed.


Low protein diet list

  • Fruits- All fruits and fruit juices. Figs, prunes and dates. Chestnits and Lichee nuts. (Avoid other nuts and olives)

  • Vegetables- All vegetables, especially the green ones and salads.

  • Cereals- Rice, barley and rice flakes.

  • Miscellaneous- Butter, olive oil, honey, malt sugar, malt honey, malted nuts, buttermilk (1/2 pint daily).

  • Accessories- Bran, agar, laxa and paraffin preparations, lactodextrin.


A list of high protein foods that are to be avoided especially are:

  • Almonds, Fish, Peas, Beans, Peanuts, Limas, Cheese, Wallnuts, Lentils, Eggs, Oyesters, Propose, Shrimps.

  • All kinds of meats have to strictly avoided.

Two good teas to be brewed and taken each day, alternating one with other, are flaxseed and alfalfa tea.

Salt should absolutely be forbidden, both as a condiment and as a seasoning for prepared dishes. Salt is a combination Sodium and Chlorine. It is eliminated from the body by the kidney. One of the first functions to break down when the kidneys are diseased is the ability to handle this. The person who continues to eat salt, when he has kidney disease, develops an excess of this chemical in the tissues. It is not eliminated.
The body tries to nutralise salt in the tissues by diluting it with fluid. This produces dropsical swelling. Dropsy is quickly overcome by avoiding table salt.